Rebecca K., Boston, MA  6/21/2012

I have been studying Jujitsu with Perry sensei (informally, Mike sensei) for 2 1/2 years. He is a life-long martial artist and experienced teacher who genuinely cares about the development of his students.  Mike sensei is particularly good at fine tuning instruction to match different students’ body types and real world needs.  We are not a competition-oriented dojo; the focus of our Jujitsu training is on self-defense, emphasizing strategy, creativity, and adaptability. As a dojo, we are a tight-knit group, very supportive. Men and women train together and everyone is respectful of one another.  Some of us have previous training in other arts; some are training in the martial arts for the first time.  I have previously studied Kempo, Aikido, Matayosi Kobudo, and Jodo with other teachers, and would say that Mike sensei is one of the best teachers I have had.  Our Jujitsu syllabus includes stand-up techniques as well as ground work.  If you’ve been thinking about studying gendai (modern era) Jujitsu, this is a great place to do it.

Robert P., Cambridge, MA  2/29/2012

This is a great place to learn martial arts.  They also have a great jujitsu class.  I have been doing martial arts for 20 plus years and even though I do a different style, I still love working out here because of the teacher.  Perry Sensei (aka Mike Sensei) is very knowledgable and really teaches stuff that works.  Very Friendly no high pressure.  If you are looking to learn some stuff that will work and find out why it will work this is the place.

Tina K.,  9/10/2013

I came back to Jiu-Jitsu after a 12 year break. When I walked into Mike’s dojo, on a chance recommendation of a friend’s friend, I thought I’d just jump in and do what everyone else was doing–like I did at my old dojo. But first thing Mike did was pull me aside and interviewed me. He asked about my background, training goals, and most importantly about any physical limitations and even tactfully asked if there were any trauma triggers he should be aware of. This first impression pretty much encompasses the essence of Perry Jujitsu. It’s a dojo that thanks to Mike’s decades of experience has an incredibly personalized approach and always puts the safety of its students first. He is remarkably perceptive, challenges us at our individual levels, will explain the history of any moves if you ask, and plainly put, not just knows what he’s doing, but loves what he’s doing. I’ve been lucky to have found such a welcoming, dedicated and fun dojo and after almost two years, I still look forward to going to practice each time. 


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