Martial Arts Class Rates

Mike Perry’s Boston Martial Arts Institute classes require monthly membership enrollment.  Monthly membership is paid the first Tuesday of each month.  The institute does not require a long term commitment, only a month at a time.  Once dues are paid for the month, you are welcome to participate at any of the scheduled class times for your level of membership, no per-class registration is required.

Monthly Membership Rates for Martial Arts Classes, 2x per week:

  • Martial Arts-$80.00

Special Offers:

  • $10 off rates to student, active military, veterans, firefighters, law enforcement, or EMTs with valid ID.
  • New members only:  Bring a friend, both get $20 off the first month membership.  Bring two friends, your first month is $40 off, your 2 friends receive $20 off.
  • Your first class is complimentary with no commitment so a prospective student can get acquainted with the culture of the dojo at 408 Highland Ave., Davis Square, Somerville.
  • Dues are pro-rated for mid-month new enrollments.

 Check out the class schedule:

All classes are uniformed (gi).  Students wear jujitsu weight gis for martial arts classes. Heavier weight gis better withstand the grappling techniques we practice.  Gi uniforms may be purchased from Mike Perry’s Boston Martial Arts Institute.  Inquire if needed.

Students up for promotion to new belt ranks pay a $20 exam fee and receive a certificate along with their new belt rank.



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